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Thread: Polycom incoming Caller ID shows IP Address!!!

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    Default Polycom incoming Caller ID shows IP Address!!!

    Hopefully this post will help others that do not want to see the ip address of the server appended to the caller id number on incloming calls. eg: 7025551212@

    Polycom phones show incoming caller ID on the display appended with @ipaddressofserver. Most businesses will hate this since it is not only confusing to look at, it also prohibits dialing back the number directly from the missed or received call directories in the phone in some cases. Mobdro
    My research showed that the Polycom phones append the ip address to caller ID when the "URL dialing feature" is enabled on the handset.

    Since no businesses that I know of use URL dialing, I simply went into both the sip.cfg and polycomsip.cfg files (retrieved them using a tftp client from the Epygi) and looked for the following tags:"url-dialing" feature.9.enabled="1"

    Change the “1” to a “0” in both files and upload them to a different tftp server or ftp server and point the Polycom phones to the new server for their configs. Problem solved!

    See my other post on setting up a Polycom provisioning server for assistance on that part.
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