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Thread: redirect all incoming calls to outside number

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    Default redirect all incoming calls to outside number

    I need to temporarily divert all incoming calls to an outside line that is not connected to the Quadro at all..

    How do I do this?

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    First of all you current configuration is needed. Are all your incoming calls routed to some particular extension. If no, then you need to route all your calls to one extension. Then you need to configure Unconditional Call Forwarding to the "outside line" mentioned by you. To setup forwarding you need to go to the Supplementery Services page, that is placed under extension.

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    Further to the above, I have found the *4 feature a excellent way to enable the user to activate diversion from the target extension. Thats the ability to toggle on & off from the an Extension.

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    A good way to redirect *REALLY ALL* (regardless of origin, destination or anything else) incoming calls to some place:
    a) set the "Route all calls to Call Routing",
    b) route all PSTN calls (FXO or ISDN depending on device flavour) to "Routing" with any pattern (do that from "FXO Settings" or "ISDN Settings" page
    c) disable all routing records, then add one record with pattern "*" (asterisk), and route that wherever you would like to

    This is a bit rough way, which a few people could use (mostly the ones who understand what Quadro is capable to do ) but it ensures that *everything*, passing through device, will be redirected

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