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Thread: Bypass Auto attendant

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    Wink Bypass Auto attendant

    I have incoming FXO calls go to AA to select option 1 or 2.
    How can I call from my mobile, bypass AA and ring an extension automatically?
    Is it thru CRT or thru Authorized Phones DB?


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    Hi Mario
    That can be done though Routing Table, but the easiest way is the following:
    1. Create a virtual extension (e.g. ext 88)
    2. Route FXO calls to that extension
    3. In Caller ID Supplementary services tabe for ext. 88, add a UCF (unconditional forwarding) to your AA for the "All Callers"
    4. Add new caller (with caller ID of your Mobile phone), and add UCF for that caller to the specific extension which you want to ring
    5. Thats it. Make sure everything is done correctly, and test the result.
    If something will not work, contact me

    Best regards,

    P.S. BTW, Mario, the right section for this question would be "Quadro IP-PBX Products"->"'How Do I' Questions", but not the "General Discussions"

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