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    Default MOH Issues

    I uploaded a properly formatted wave file to the 'Upload Universal Extension Recordings - Hold music' screen.

    But to no effect.

    We are using a Quadro2x, connected to an Epygi 4 port FXO Gateway. I'm dialing in thru a pots line that's handled by the FXO.

    Please Advise.


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    Eugene, to tell exactly why this had no effect, I'll need a description of what call have you done (the source and the destination), and which side was was holed and was supposed to hear music.
    Without knowing the scenario, the only guess I can make, is the following: you uploaded the hold music file to 2x, but the file is being played in reality from the FXO gateway. Try to upload the same file on the FXO gateway. Please tell here if it helps. If not, I'll need the scenario

    Best regards,

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    I logged into the FXO, and attempted to upload my MOH (577KB), and encountered an error message, not enough space.

    Looked at the Memory Status on FXO--30Minutes of free space.

    If I disabed MOH on the FXO, it breaks the PSTN incoming calls. After I dial in and specify an extension it goes dead.

    I'm opening a case and uploading Log files from both units.


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    Hi Eugine,

    as probably it'll be suggested by out TSS staff, please increase the "Percentage of System Memory" on the "Upload Universal Extension Recordings". Memory Status shows the whole available memory, but to use that for universal MOH, you need to increase the percentage given to that (the default is 1%, so you can use only 20 sec out of your 30 min for MOH. Set that to 10-20% at least, if you don't use that space for other purpose).

    I am not sure I understand your statement about the disabling MOH on FXO. How you did that?

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    OK... I now see how it works and have resolved my problem.

    to answer your question--at "system hold music settings" screen, if you set "play hold music" to OFF.


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