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Thread: Multiple ringing on incoming call

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    Default Multiple ringing on incoming call

    Hi there!

    I'm using a Quadro 2Xi with Firmware Version: 4.1.33/Release.

    I want to have a multiple ringing on an extension group when someone call an exension... how can I do it. I tried with pickup group but I couldn't have the result I wanted
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    Use Many Extension Reinging (MER) feature, that can be found under each extension's settings.
    Pickup Group is for taking the call of ringing extension's in distance, from another extension.

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    I will try and I will let you know!

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    I can't find anything like MER on the Quadro configuration's panel and in its manual...

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    Click on extension, go to "Supplementary Services->Caller ID Based Services->Any Address->Many Extension Ringing" page. Enable the service and add the extensions in the ringing list.

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    thank you so much! it works

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