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    I am trying to install polycom phones using Auto-Configuration. the phone accept the configuration but after the boot I can't make any call and I am reciving the calls. the display show "Link is down" . any recommendation.


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    Is this a polycom 301, 501 or 601? What version of the firmware are you using on the Quadro? Have you reviewed any of our documentation on how to install an IP phone on the LAN side?

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    it's 301. and I am using the latest firmware 4.0.4. and I am following the document edRes.pdf

    but still I can't make calls from the device.

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    Link is down is shown on screen if something wrong with your ethernet network connecton. Please check if you network cable (and if that cable is connected to the LAN port of the phone). Phone should not show that message. Then try to bring the Polycom phone to firmware default state and then reboot it.

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