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    Hi All,

    I have enabled "show on public directory" for each extension under extension managment. I am running the M32x unit for a client, they have snom 300 & 320 phones all running firmware 6.5.15...

    I have logged into the snom 320's and seen the xml URL to the phone directory, but when i press the directory button on the snom 320 nothing happens. When i upgrade the phone to version 7 firmware it works, but i do not want to run that firmware...same happens with 300's

    Is there a way to make the 320's & 300's work with firmware 6.5.15?



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    Hi Shaun,

    according to the information I got from the guys investigating the Snom phones here, the Snom 300 and 320 don't support the feature called "Minibrowser" (which is needed to show the user directory on the Snom screen) in 6.x software. Only 360 has that support in 6.x.
    Starting from the 7.x all three models have the support for that. So you have to use 7.x Snom versions if you want to have public directory on Snom 300 or 320.

    Best regards,

    P.S. I preferred to answer in forum, rather than to the personal email, so everybody could see the info here

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    Well Shaun... David is 100% right , the Directory Key on the SNOM telephones to the left of the ? ( key marked settings ) on any version of SNOM 300/320 before v7 will not work. You will have to upgrade to the latest stable firmware - 7.1.33 for it and other features to work correctly.

    Go to the following link for the full information about updating the firmware using SNOM's server updater.

    It has all the information about how to etc and is a good resource to assist you in your endeavours.



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