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Thread: Call Conference Function

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    Question Call Conference Function

    I there a way you can conference a call using 3PCC?

    IF NOT can EPYGI please ADD It!

    eg. a call comes in over PSTN the 3PCC grabs the call then you "join" the call to 2 parties or extensions.

    I personally think this would be a great future...

    Thank You
    Jason Loeken

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    Currently that is not possible. With 3pcc you can join only two parties.
    We would think of adding that capability, but I am not sure when we'll have time to do that. This may need considerable amount of development, and I doubt that feature is needed by many people, so I am not sure the effect will justify the effort...
    Do you have a specific application in mind, which will add a value to Quadro?

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    Call recording via 3pcc using the conference feature to your profile would be nice ... so an application would be Call Centres

    I have a need for this feature now where the caller can be recorded via the SNOM record key but at present the V5 firmware is not functioning as needed so I may have to go with another platform that does because I am told that a feature might be coming within 2 or so Months.



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