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    Default Redirection to voicemail

    Hello all!

    We want to realize the follwing with a Quadro 2x:

    1. We have a reception with the ext. 80.
    2. The other phones are connected with ext. 81 a. s. o.
    3. Only ext. 80 has a voicemail
    4. Incoming calls are signlized on the correspondent ext.
    5. If there is no answer it goes to the ext. 80
    6. If there is further no answer it rings on an ext. 100 (multiple ringing on all ext.)
    7. If there is still no answer it should be redirected to the voicemail of the ext. 80.

    Just step 7 we can not realize. Can somebody help us to build this scenario?

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    under your http://epygi-ipaddress/routingmanagement.cgi

    Create A RULE in call routing that says somethig like this:

    Pattern 280 , Pattern Modification NDS: 1 , Call Settings PBX-Voicemail

    What this should do is send the caller direct to voice mail of 80..

    Now to set the call forwarding as necessary ...
    under the Caller ID Based Services for Any Address of 100

    Supplementary services ..under the no answer of extension 100 you get the call to route to 280 in the no answer forward with the timer of your choice.

    callers that are presented to 100 will automatically go to 80's voice mail box on no answer....



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    Hi Kevin
    I understood how to do it, but it does not work.

    If I call the 100, I am redirected after all the ringing to the voice mail.

    If I call the 280 directly, I am redirected to the voice mail

    If I call e.g. the 81 I have (after all the correct ringing), I got the message: number for the moment not available.

    I made some tests: it seems, that if 100 is reached through call hunting the redirection does not work.

    Have you any idea?
    Thanks a lot for helping me!

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    Have a look at:
    Do the No Answer Call Forward on your ext. 100 and the appropriate PBX-Voicemail Call route in the Call Routing Table as described in the post. Worked for me.

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