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Thread: Compatibility problems with ITSP

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    Here in New Zealand the major ITSP is one called iTalk.
    We have one big issue with using the Quadro with iTalk, in that, if a call has been made via iTalk (in or out) then when a user attempts to transfer the call, there is no audio after the transfer.
    This also means, that when the user puts a call on hold, the external caller hears no Music on Hold.
    Has anyone experiences issues similar to this with other ITSPs?

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    I am having the SAME problem with engin in Australia

    The problem is in the RE-INVITE.... on ITSP calls to ITSP calls.. engin to engin..

    epygi sip to epygi sip works and another ITSPfrom Spectrum to

    The problems in cause by the call being RE-INVITED and NOT getting the IP address of the host ( or fails authorisation ) of the trasferred call...

    MY PROBLEM is that the CALL IS DROPPED....

    If your problem is JUST NO AUDIO,,, then try using RTP proxy in call routing...

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    Hello Megatron, I have done what you sugested without success, no audio after transfer.


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