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Thread: Quadro with video phones (AuPix AP-100)

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    We have a couple of AuPix AP-100 video phones that we have been testing
    in different scenarios. If I register two of these phones on
    Epygi's SIP server I can make audio and video calls between them.
    If I register one of the phones on a Quadro 2x/4x/16x (attached to an
    extension) then I can only make audio calls.

    Inspection of the SIP UA logs shows that the AP-100 sends an INVITE
    message that contains parameters for the audio and video portion of the
    call. When the Quadro sends out the second invite (to only the audio parameters remain. The video
    parameters have been stripped off.

    I understand that the Quadro would not know what to do with the video
    parameters but it seems to me that it should pass them through instead
    of stripping them off. As it stands now we cannot bundle the
    AP-100 with and of the Quadro PBXs because video calls get downgraded
    to audio only.

    Has anyone else tested the AP-100 or any other video phone product with the Quadro?


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    Your observations are correct, the current Quadro firmware doesn' t support video phones as extensions of the Quadro. However, if you don't register the phone on the Quadro and use that as a stand alone device located on the LAN of the Quadro and registered on external SIP server then it may work.



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    After playing with the AuPix phones a bit more we have a work
    around. You can register multiple SIP lines on the phone and if
    you register a line directly with the Epygi SIP server, as Hrant
    suggested, then you can make full video calls between two AuPix
    phones. So if we bundle this phone we will have to have two
    lines, one the user will use as audio only extension on the Quadro and
    the other line used for video calls.

    I look forward to the new hardware platform that will have enough power
    to handle the video phones as extensions on the Quadro !!

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