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Thread: Caller ID not passed to destination

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    Default Caller ID not passed to destination

    For inbound SIP trunk calls, I have set UCF
    to two destinations--a local SIP extension
    and an external number permanently placed
    in the routing table; it uses the SIP trunk
    outbound to call the number.

    (The remote number is my mobile phone. But
    it could be any NANP--or any dialable number.)

    This works perfectly; it rings both numbers
    simultaneously, and I can answer either one.
    in effect it is a MER where one 'extension' is
    external. I do it this way because MER won't
    permit external calls in its list.

    But the Caller ID of the original caller is not
    passed to the remote number; it receives
    only the CID of the SIP trunk. On the access
    number in the routing table, UES is selected
    to be the SIP trunk, for an outbound circuit.
    And'Keep Original Caller ID" is also checked.

    (The local SIP extension *does* receive the
    proper CID.)

    What settings do I use to pass the calling
    party CID to the remote destination call?
    This worked once, but I don't recall how.

    Thanks, Dave

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    Theoretically, if you selected 'Keep Original Caller ID', Quadro will send the original number in the "From" filed of INVITE message to the ITSP. In that case ITSP typically has to show that number as a caller ID on your mobile. Can you check which number is actually placed in the "From" field of INVITE message going from Quadro to ITSP when the call is forwarded?

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