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    Talking Web management

    Hi can anyone help me with configuring remote web management of a Quadro 2x & 2xi. I am running Firmware Version: 4.1.57/Release. I enable remote management with Firewall turned on to Medium, I input the remote IP in the Filter rules & enable, I can connect no problem. However what happens when I am not at the exact remote IP configured in the filter rules? I cannot access the Quadro. I need to be able to enable remote management from any IP/location. Can this be done? Thanks Brad

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    Hey brad, just use VPN access.... this will offer another level of security and also allow you to gain access to the Epygi as if you were there sitting on the Lan port of the Epygi.. which means you can gain access to the telephones and administrate them too...



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    Hi Kev
    Thanks for the advice, whenever I have tried to set VPN up with the Epygi I can get the tunnel up, but cannot get past that particular stage? I do not know why, I can get VPNs up between drayteks ipsec, L2PTP etc but with Quadros I struggle. Have you got any advice?

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    Hey there Brad,

    The PPTP setup is very straight forward, just make sure you allow GRE and the PPTP port as needed on the firewall / router to send the packets to the Wan of the Epygi.

    Apart from that, the setup on the Epygi is a few keystrokes, name of connection, PPTP connection, username and password.

    Then ENABLE the service on the Epygi ( I forgot that first time ) ... 8 )

    That should be it , no brain surgery with this one. But if you are already using a VPN connection on the network then it comes a little more difficult unfortunately, thats when you need another public address port to be forwarded to the epygi etc.

    Anyway, I hope the information is useful enough to get you up and running. Epygi have some easy to understand howtos on the website, if you do not have access to that ask for your reseller to provide it or request it from one of the Epygi gurus ( insert David's email, telephone number, home address and any other details here.... )

    8 )



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    Smile Thanks

    Hi Kev, thanks for the advice, have got the VPNs up & working fine. Cheers Brad

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