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Thread: Force outbound by PSTN for Fax

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    Default Force outbound by PSTN for Fax

    I have a VoIP provider for all my outbound calls with a fallback to PSTN. But I want to force fax to use PSTN all the time.

    I suppose I can do this with "Inbound Pattern" but I don't know syntax to tell : every extensions excepts 12.

    Thanks for your help

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    why not just use filter and put extension 12 in the route and send this to pstn. just put the route before the normal dial out option and select the right path - ie fxo etc..



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    Kevin is perfectly right.
    I just want to add anyway that "every extensions excepts 12" can be written as {??,!12} with "Inbound Call Type" set to PBX. If you have extensions with length of 3, 4 etc, use {??,???,????,!12}.

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