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    Is there any way to implement call pickup. Call pickup, a common pbx feature, is normally available in two ways. All desired extensions are put in a pickup group. If any phone rings, any other phone in the group can dial a code to answer the ringing phone. Another form is where no phone is in a group but when a phone rings another extension can enter a code and the ringing extension number (directed call pickup). Can either feature be implemented on the Quadro?

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    It is part of the Extension user functionality and dial plan already. You chose a number and say it is a PICK UP group and select the extensions that are within it.



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    Yep, just go to "Extension Management"->"Add"->choose the needed option (Pickup Group). Then read the manual
    We have the first option in Quadro - no direct pickup (can do if really needed very much
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    You can kind of implement directed call pickup - at least, with a Snom - if you program one of your soft keys to "Watch Extension XXX" then you get a line on the dislpay showing you when XXX is making or receiving a call. But when XXX is still at the *ringing* phase of an inbound call, you can pick that call up by pressing Tick.

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    Sorry to reply to an old post but my search led me here, I just started to evaluate the Quadro.

    Is there a way to prevent (selectively even) the behavior ccomley mentions on Snoms? In the Snom GUI, if I change the type from "extension" to "BLF" the ringing extension will be watched but can't be picked up.

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