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    Hi there!

    On Quadro when we press *4 to activate U.Call Forwarding, Quadro activates the first entry number on the list

    It's possible to add a option to manage the "Unconditional Call Forwarding" list by pressing *4 and then chose one of the entry on the list?

    I got a client witch activate U.C.F every day after ours, but every day of the week it's a different number (max. 5 differents numbers)


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    Actually your description is not quite correct. When you press *4 to activate UCF, Quadro activates the Call Forwarding in general, and so all the entries in the list will be activated, if they are not disabled.
    We don't have option to enable/disable specific entries in the forwarding list, and even if we schedule that for implementation, this is not going to happen soon (5.1 the earliest) - as this is not a commonly used scenarion.

    But as often happens, there is another solution. I would suggest you to configure the UCF on that extension to go to Auto-out_of_office_person_number, then add several date-time routing rules with patthern "out_of_office_person_number", which will go to the correct person every day. So the client will just dial *4, and get correct forwarding every day.

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