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    In Quadro you have a feature called called base service. To activate it on a phone you must press *4. This feature can be used to transfer calls.

    The thing is, on many ip phone you have a Transfer softkey. So the user can press it on the phone, the command is accepted but it does not work since it is in conflict with the quadro called base service.

    The enhancement should be to be able to set up simple transfer on the phone.(like immediate transfert for anybody to extension 20)

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    I think you are mixing up something in your description. *4 is activating/deactivating Uncondicional Call Forwarding feature, not transfer, which is slightly different. Here is a small quote from online help:

    To activate Forwarding settings

    Press *4 and hang up. Unconditional Call Forwarding service with the settings configured for All Callers in the Call Forwading Settings page will get activated. Use the same key combination to deactivate Forwarding service.

    Now regarding transfer. If your phone is supported by the Quadro and you autoconfigure it, there should be no conflict at all. You can perform both consultative and immediate transfer using the Transfer key on the phone.


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