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    I'm trying to download client configuration files (/ipeconfig) from the Quadro 2X using a tftp client.
    Here is some screen-shots:

    press ok and...

    Nothing happens!

    I'm tryng to send request on the 69 port of the epygi... Also using traffic filtering tool I've seen the same result "file not found".


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    Hmm... the result is right: there is no file called "ipeconfig" on the Quadro.

    Not sure why you are downloading those files, but if you want to get them just get the file name, without any directory prefixes. For aastra config files, for example, you can get "aastra.cfg" or <macaddress>.cfg, like 00085D03DAD1.cfg. With regulat windows TFTP tool, you can just type "tftp GET aastra.cfg". With your tool it is even easier
    Best regards,

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    I've added /ipeconfig because on the Aastra panel's configuration there is /ipeconfig link for the configuration

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    Not sure why is that (I use Snom), but anyway I hope you were successful in ghetting the files the way I described above...

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