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Thread: How do I change the MoH ?

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    Default How do I change the MoH ?

    I have uploaded (Basic Services - Music on Hold Settings) a new MoH but when I put a caller on hold, he gets the old / standard MoH.

    Any idea how to configure the system correctly to get the new MoH?


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    Users===>Extensions Management===>Upload Universal Extension Recordings===>Upload Hold Music link.

    That will upload the MOH file for every extension or you can upload individual MOH files on a per user extension.

    Extension number===>Basic Services===>Hold Music Settings



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    Kevin, seems Ivan has already configured a custom MoH, so his question now is how to "activate" the MoH to be played to someone.

    Ivan, can you describe your scenario with more details ? Where are you trying to get a custom MoH ? Are the caller and callee on the same Quadro, or the call is organized between 2 Quadros ? If you have difficulties with sending custom MoH to the opposite Quadro during call hold, then note, that you must configure the local extension (with custom MoH) to send the "Caller Music" to IP destination. Also, you must configure the opposite extension to play the MoH sent by caller party. By default the parameter is set to "Own Music". Both parameters are placed on the same page as Hold Music Settings.

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    GDay Aram,

    I was being subtle in my Aussie way, just incase he was using the SNOM handsets and had installed the MOH to those rather than the Epygi.



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