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Thread: Making large (>25 participants)conference

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    I have a task to make a large conference system. The system should cooperate with 30 participants. I 've got two Quadro CS (each can oparate with max. 25 participants) but i cannot find how to connectand configure them to cooperate with each other. Please help me !

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    Nice to see the first question here! (Sorry, for the late response, we almost lost our hope to see questions here [img]smileys/smiley1.gif[/img])

    I'll try to help you.

    OK, so you have 2 Quadro CS units. You need to create one conference on each unit. Then, in each of that conferences you should add a participant that is actually a, so called, "Nested Conference".

    So, let's assume your units have IPs and And the Conferences you created on them are 111 and 222 respectively. So, in 111 conference you addthe followingparticipant: 222@ . And in 222 you add 111@ .

    Both participants should have the following options:

    Participant Type: Speaker

    Confirmation Type: None

    Dial Out: Enabled

    Activate On Dial In: Enabled

    Participant Indication: Disabled

    Nested Conference: Enabled

    Allow Duplicated Participation: Disabled (no difference in this case).

    Hope I could help you.

    Write again here if your problem is not solved.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you, i 'll try this solution.

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    There is a drawback here though... You have to tell some of the participants to join 111@ conference, and the others to join 222@ Is that OK in your case?

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    Dear ArsenD,

    i have 2 CS and want to stack it to double the capacity and i read what you said but my case i need only one room with total 10 users, so i want to divid the 10 into 5 users in unite A and 5 users in unite B.

    but only one room ID for all 10 users.

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    any help?????????????????????????

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