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    Is it possible to have an alternate method of uploading a new voice wav file, preferably something that could be configured to upload the file with the minimum of user interaction, say possibly a local (on the user's PC) web page that could push the fule to a partucular URL on the Quadro ?

    The scenario is that in a Doctor practice that as an afterhours service there may be a pool of 10 doctors and that some one of the pool would be on call, when a patient phones after hours the greeting is replaced with a recording of the correct doctor on call, unfortunatley there is no set schedule in the rota to predict which doctor is on call.

    Alternativley does anyone know of a particular piece of SIP software that could operate as an extension and that something as simple as a batch file could change the default playback wav file.



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    Ed Why not have 10 recordings and use enabler disablers at the auto attendant to play the respective voice file...

    Ie ... in call routing all lines ring into 100...

    you have 10 appearances for 100 in call routing that has a different wav file for each by playing the right a/a

    then all they have to remember is the right code for the doctor in order to enable the correct wav file...

    001 = doc 1 - a/a 201
    002 = doc 2 - a/a 202
    010 = doc 10 - a/a 210

    In your call routes you would have 10 appearances of 100 with the respective enabler..

    101 - nds 3 suffix - 201 enabler 001 - name of it DOCTOR 1
    110 - nds 3 suffix - 210 enabler 010 - name of it DOCTOR 10

    Hows that ? it would achieve all that you have asked... and makes it quite simple for the Nursing Staff..

    they then from a handset DIAL *77 then when prompted dial the doctors number - 0xx#

    xx = doctor number

    The above is a brief overview but should give you enough to start with. 3PCC culd be manipulated to do the same but from a web page to be able to control who is on at the time ...

    Im not sure where in the world you are but if you need assistance with this perhaps someone in your neck of the woods will be able to assist.



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