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Thread: Click to Dial for AASTRA and SNOM handsets - for local Sip Servers

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    Default Click to Dial for AASTRA and SNOM handsets - for local Sip Servers

    Click to Dial for all the Epygi Quadro devices and supported telephones.

    This should also work for any remote extensions as well.

    Hi there,

    Here is a step by step of how to use click to dialling from Windows 2000 or Windows XP based machines.

    First of all - download SIPTAPI from Source forge.

    Full instructions can be downloaded from the following URL it is in German partly.

    Once downloaded unpack the contents to a directory or even perhaps the desktop.

    Browse to the folder / desktop where you will end up with a file called siptapi.tsp .

    Copy this file to the \Winnt\system32 directory of your computer most cases it will be c:\winnt\system32 but sometimes it may be in a different directory. If you do a search for system32 on your pc that will give you the area where you need to copy the file.

    Restart your pc and once it is loaded, go to your control panel ( win2000 = start/settings/control panel. ) Click the Phone and Modem Options and select the advanced tab. click the Add Button to add the new siptapi driver. It should appear as Sip TAPI Service Provider, select it and click the ok. Next is to configure the settings for it.

    Now for the tricky bit : )

    This is where some fun begins, highlight the sip TAPI service provider driver and click the configure button. It will open up a new window for you to be able to enter the sip server address ( WAN or LAN ips of the Epygi Quadro ), the user name ( extension number ) and password used for the extension.

    Once this is done you have configured your siptapi interface and now you can go to OUTLOOK and enter the details necessary into the dialling area of your contacts.

    In OUTLOOK you should have an icon representing a telephone or dialler as OUTLOOK calls it - you may have to select a contact for it to appear.

    Click the dialler Icon, it will then open a box and ask how do you want to call your contact.

    From here you need to click on the DIALLING OPTIONS tab.

    It will then open another window where you need to look at the "Connect Using Line" and make sure that the drop down window is the same or similar to "LineName: SIP TAPI for Click2Dial" is selected.

    If its not use the drop down to select it. Now once selcted and you have your number format correct for dialling through the telephone system i.e. ensuring that if you would normally dial 9 or a 0 for an outside line that you have that entered into the number field within Outlook Dialler, then you are set to make a Call.

    Click OK, then use the START CALL tab it should ring your telephone and when you answer if the number is valid your phone should be calling the other party.

    If not, check in the unsuccessful and successful logs of the Epygi to see whether or not the call is being established or if it is where the call is going.



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    Bump to keep this fresh for all.

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    Is it compatible with a softphone, I use eyebeam 1.5. And it's not working.

    I use eyebeam as a remote extension, I typed the ip wan side of my quadro in the domain and and the outboundproxy case.

    In the extension and password case, I enter the number of my remote extension.

    I don't really understand what happen, I follow the instruction in the enum's topic.

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    Nice - but almost enough hassle to make me prefer just cutting and pasting to the Snom web GUI Dial box.

    When you say "password" - which one? for each extension there are at least three different places on the Epygi i/f where you can enter a password and no clear indication of whic his used where.

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