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    A good feature would be if a call failed and had to fallover to another rule, you could have an email alert sent. For example we have GSM gateways we use and for whatever reason if that GSM gateway route failed in the call routing we could get a email to say it had failedover so our techs can investigate? Do able?


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    Or even to be able to be sent an email if the route failed for a period of time so as to eliminate an email for a temporary outage.

    Another thing would be great to have a dual wan Epygi device for multiple internet capabilities or even the capability of adding a module to increase the ports available to the epygi ie.. using a USB port to mount another device capable of offering ethernet connectivity.



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    Thank you for suggestions. Sending email in case of failover we will include into one of the future firmware releases. As far as the multiple WAN ports are concerned, i cannot promise you any short term resolution.

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