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Thread: Multiple DID Distinctive Ring

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    Default Multiple DID Distinctive Ring

    Quadro 4xi3, 1 x Snom 360, 4 x Snom 320

    2 x BRI ISDN with 100 number direct in dial (DID) range.

    Of the 100 numbers we have access to, only 4 are in use at the moment. All 4 are configured to ring the reception phone (the Snom 360) using call routing. These numbers are for separate business entities and should be answered by the receptionist using the appropriate greeting. At the moment, there is no way to distinguish which number has been dialed by an incoming caller. Only the caller's CallerID is displayed (if they haven't blocked it.)

    Desired result:
    I'd like the handset to produce a different ring for each of the incoming phone numbers. Both the Snom handsets and the Quadro have facilities for distinctive ringtones based on the ID of the incoming caller. How could I go about achieving this? Failing the distinct ring, some piece of descriptive display text on the handset would be just as good.
    Thanks in advance.

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    Easiest solution is to provide naming of the number associated with the individual businesses.

    How - via creation of a MERg and make the reception extension in it.
    Have a different name for each company.. and you can even change the distinctive ring.

    You would obviously change the routing so the calls are directly mapped in call routing to the new MERg virtual numbers.

    When ever a caller rings in on any of those numbers it will always show who what where ... making your receptionists life easier...



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