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Thread: how to remove second identity

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    Question how to remove second identity

    this is my first post please go easy I apologise if this has already been answered I have searched the forum quite a bit and not been able to find an answer.

    I have a Quadro2x using SNOM 360's, 320's, an M3 and a QuadroFXO everything is working well very easy to setup - it is my first installation. I originally provisioned a 320 for this extension and then changed it to a 360 and now I get 2 identities. I have removed the phone from the network and reset it this removes all identities but when I connect it back to the Quadro network it puts both identities back. I guess this is the autoprovisioning working can someone give me some pointers as to how I can fix it.

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    Part 1

    Under Telephony -->> Line Settings -->> IPLINE ( Extension Number )

    That allocates the Extension number to the MAC Address of the telephone. Locate the IPLINE for the extension you do not wish to be allocated and make the IPLINE "Inactive".

    Part 2

    Under Users -->> Receptionist Management

    Check to ensure the extension does not exist there too.

    That should stop the extension from being re-enabled with the Extension that you dont need.



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