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Thread: Distinctive Ring: Caller ID & Nickname

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    Default Distinctive Ring: Caller ID & Nickname

    When the 'Nickname' is added to distinctive ring the display will not show the caller id of the incoming caller. Customers need both --- 'Nickname" (line name) to identify the calling line and CID to see who is calling.

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    Thanks for the suggestion. I will put it on the wish list for the next releases.

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    We looked at that more carefully, and it seems we have nothing to do there. When you add the 'Nickname' to distinctive ring, Quadro sends both the CID and the Display Name to the phone. You can see that in the INVITE message sent to the phone (just look to the SIP logs). And that is up to the phone to show or hide some information. I don't know what kind of phone you are using, but you need to configure that to show both display name and CID (username), if you need to see both. Thats it.


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    Hey there,

    This is the reason that I recomend SNOM handsets, because they have several settings in them that allow details in: FULL Contact, Name, Number, Name and Number or Number and Name formats...

    As you see the SNOM and Epygi are a great marriage, one that will generally speaking satisfy most of the speciifcations that any business requires.

    ( waits for the $$'s in the mail )

    8 )

    Seriously though, the SNOM and Epygi technologies work very well together and are hard to overlook.

    With the new version 5 firmware soon to hit, will make that marriage of telephony very tasty...



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