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Thread: Conference transfer release w/o dropping callers

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    Default Conference transfer release w/o dropping callers

    I am not sure if the epygi system supports this ,
    3 way calling then release the call to the outside callers without droping the line allowing me to hangup and still keep the callers connected until they hang up. can this be done? hopefully this paints a clear enough picture of the problem.

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    Sounds like you need a conference room ....



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    As I anderstand question is related to the IP phones 3 way call. You see mixing 2 conversation is done on the IP phone, not on the Quadro itself. As a result if IP phone has possibility to transfer one call to another, then this will work, otherwise will not.
    In general you need to try if your phone has optioin to connect 2 legs to each other.
    F.e. with Snom 370 (I checked this on fw 7.1.33) during 3 way call you can press "conference" button and as a result both call will be put on hold. Then you can unhold one call and press "transfer". Calls will be connected to each other.
    If you use f.e. Linksys SPA922, then in 3 way call mode there is "join" soft button, by pressing that button you will have 2 calls directly talking to each other.
    In any case you need to check if your IP phone suppots that functionality or not. Quadro has nothing to do here (just processing tranfer command came from the phone).

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