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Thread: Set up a new Digital Receptionist.

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    Default Set up a new Digital Receptionist.

    I have a 800 number thru nexvortex, and it has worked great.
    but i want to keep that number and keep that auto attendant active.

    also i want to get a new local number, and set it up to a new Digital Receptionist, with a new auto attendant.

    so when they call the 800 number it will be mostly a msg line and only ring one phone, with the same auto attndat msg i have had for over a year.

    but when they call my new "DID", local number. i want a diffirent auto attdant to answer, and all my phones will ring.

    i will also use the new local line to make all my outgoing calls..

    the 800 number will be there just for messages. but i need to make sure it is seprate from my new number (diffirent company) ..

    can anyone help me with this??

    i have a epygi quadro.


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    As far as I understand you want to get the incoming call on your Quadro's AA then it should ring on many extensions. If I am correct you have to do the steps bellow.
    Under the Extensions Management->00->Attendant Scenario you will find "Enable Redirection on Timeout" you have to configure this option to redirect the call from AA to the extension that you want, then you have to create Many Extension Ringing on that extension where the call will be redirected. You can can configure MER service under the Extensions Management-> your extension-> Supplementary Services->Caller ID Based Services->Any Address -> Many Extension Ringing then enable this service and select the extension which you are needed.

    Please let me know if it is resolve your issue.

    Rafayel Arakelyan

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