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Thread: Grandstream BudgetTone-200 not working

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    Question Grandstream BudgetTone-200 not working

    Hi, Please, Im configuring a Budgettone-200 Ip phone but its neither calling nor receiving call from Analog extensions on the Quadro. Its the first Ip phone to be used on the Quadro. The Auto-Configuration option was used and it has dial tone but could not call or receive. The extension in Status- SIP Registration Status- Registered IP Lines, its show ing "Yes". But in Status- Lines Status, the status of the said IP Line is NOT REGISTERED.

    Nothing was manually configured in the IP phone. In the IP phone, this is also the status- Registered: Account: NO

    What else can be done to get Quadro to work with this phone.
    Will apreciate your urgent response!!!


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    The Quadro is 4x with firmware: 4.1.33
    Last edited by phinet01; 04-18-2008 at 06:36 AM. Reason: Quadro is 4x not 16x

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    the BT-200 displays 4 each time i try to use it, not working!!!

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    We have no problem with configuring Budgettone-200 in our las, as well as many our customers are using that phone without any problems. Have you followed the configuration steps described in the document for IP-Phones configuration, that you can find in our web, or you just tried to configure it intuitively ? Where the phone is placed - in LAN or WAN side of Quadro ?

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    I followed the config steps in Manual for Grandstream phones for Quadro, its on the LAN side, in a small office .

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    Can you please check if the IP-Line on which you're trying to configure the phones is attached to the extension (Telephony -> Line Settings -> IP-Line Settings) ?

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    Yes, Im using IP Line 1, the attached extension is 215.


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    Hi, can someone please help out on solving this problem, Im honestly getting fedup with this quadro thing?


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    Please check also the IP-Phone's firmware version. Is it match with our recommended version for that model ? If not, then please put the firmware version recommended by Epygi.

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    BTW, the firmware version of your Quadro is 8 month old. Please upgrade it to latest 4.1.57 wich can be downloaded from our website.

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