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Thread: Quadro interoperability with Definity ACD

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    I have a customer running a Call Center with an AvayaDefinity using proprietary digital phones and analog phones. They want to add some IP extensions in order to not depend on Avaya proprietary hardware and have some flexibility to allow agents to login from different locations within the network and through the Internet.

    Is it possible to have interoperability between IP phones attached to a Quadro and the Definity ACD? The Definity can accept an E1 PRI module to connect to a VoIP gateway.

    Thanks in advance for your comments

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    I'm asuming that Definity is providing E1 channel to access to PSTN.
    There should be no problem connecting one QuadroE1T1 GW to your E1 channel, then connect Quadro2x4x or 16x(depending on required capacity) to the QuadroE1T1 GW and have IP Phones connected to Quadro2x4x16x from the LAN side.


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    That is correct, through the QuadroE1T1 gateway connected to the E1 channel the Definity can pass calls, but I think that it cannot pass ACD feature codes. May be it is necessary to have the Definity running SIP to have access to those ACD codes from any IP phone in the network.


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