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Thread: asterisk as client to quadro

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    i am trying to connect asterisk to quadro. I have an existing asterisk pbx with about 15 lines and I want them to be able to make calls out to the PSTN/ISDN via the quadro.

    I had no trouble with calls coming in from ISDN to Asterisk, I was easily able to set this up in the routing table. But I am unable to get asterisk to register as a client on the quadro and make calls.

    I am able to get it to register, and it shows up as registered, but every time I try to make a call i just get a 404 error

    == Everyone is busy/congested at this time (1:0/0/1)
    Reliably Transmitting (NAT) to
    SIP/2.0 404 Not Found

    Is there something special I ned to do to allow asterisk and its extensions to make calls out through the quadro?

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    I just setup the QuadroFXO with Asterisk and it's much simpler than I
    thought it would be - in fact you don't even register with the Quadro
    or with Asterisk. You simply forward the calls via a pattern
    placed at the front of the number. Let me know if you are still
    having issues and I'll send you some screen shots of my setup.

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    I've got the inverse problem, I can place a call from Asterisk into the Quadro, but the Quadro cannot forward calls to Asterisk. Any special setup ?


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    A question here - does the Quadro2x support asterisk as a 'virtual fxo'? Probably all wrong terminology here but what i'm trying to find out is if there is a way to have two seperate internet connections, both for voip only, going into the quadro2x - reason being that our isp/vsp has offered us a bonus second internet connection for using their voip on only...

    Thanks in advance

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    Hmm, the termonology is really wrong )

    Theoretically there should not be a problem with connecting the Asterisk to Quadro. Of course, Quadro doesn't have some "special" support for asterisk, but as both of them are normal SIP devices, you always can configure some scenarios using them together.

    You can connect asterisk to your new ISTP/VSP connection, and configure the Quadro's routing table, so it will send some specially prefixed numbers to asterisk (like to have 5xxx "SIP" or "IP-PSTN" type rule, which willsend calls to asterisk). Then configure asterisk to send all calls received from Quadro to the ITSP.

    The same for ITSP to Quadro calls. Sorry for not describing the setup in details... actually this depends on your needs, and finally should be configured by yourself All what I want to say - that setup is possible and should not be too difficult to configure.

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    Thanks, that was the reply I was hoping for

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