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Thread: 5.0.x Software

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    Default 5.0.x Software

    Would anyone from Epygi care to comment on the architecture and features of the "new" release we keep hearing about in the forums. The info posted is very fragmented.

    Having a product and feature roadmap is essential to keeping the reseller community onboard so we can plan for the future and help identify opportunities that we may otherwise ignore because of known limitations with the existing 4.x platform.

    For instance, I recently decided not to pursue an opportunity for a 80 seat organisation as I did not believe a stacked solution would offer sufficient benefit to the customer over an alternative solution from another reseller. Then I find out a month or so later that a bigger Quadro will be available some time (soon?, I still don't know when). As this was an RFP, this may not have been a dealbreaker and I may have pursued the opportunity on the promise of being able to deliver.

    Also, I could not search for 5.0 or 5.0.x in the forums, 0 results returned !!!

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    We'll publish the new features list on 5.0.x soon.

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    Will Hot Desking be a feature that will be natively implemented on the Quadro's Firmware 5 using the enhanced capacity of the Snom Hot Desking feature within 7.1.33 as per the link?

    This feature enabled will be ideal for Call Centres.



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    Bah, 7.1.33

    It break my 320!!!!

    Seriously though, I had to TFTP a new image after an apparently "successful" upgrade. If success means hanging on the "Please wait...." message after restarting then yes, my upgrade was utterly successful.

    And SNOM pulled this firmware at least once before because of upgrade issues.... I am not endeared to these guys.

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    I just tftp'd 2 times to get around it....



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    Exclamation Problem with print of whole table - Extension Management, Call Routing Table

    SW QUADRO 2,4,16x version 5.0.11 has problem with PRINT and display of the table of Extensions Management and Call Routing Table. The new format of web site with vertical limit give not possibility print! whole table with all rows. Is it possible the format of those web-sites to give back? Thanks.

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    Well, looks like our GUI enhancement has some drawbacks...

    Thanks for noting the problem, we'll think what we can do. Probably can make the tables view configurable, or something this kind.

    However there is no possibility to show the tables the old way on the current 5.0.11.

    If you want to print them now, the best way is to select the content of the whole table, copy that, then paste in MS Word. Delete the first column, and print. This could be a temporary solution.

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    Thanks for your response. But I think, the both sites without scrollbars, that was better.

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    My 2 cents - scroll bars, much better.

    Better yet, some sort of "edit" icon next to each extension. It's not like you select multiple ones to edit anyway....

    Also, some easy way of transitioning between the administrative edit and the user "view" e.g. voicemail settings. It's a pain to have to jump around different parts of the GUI for settings related to the same object. Even better again, just add the user editable stuff to the administrative stuff. Hope this makes sense.

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    And - put a link between the line settings and the extension settings menus. You should never need to hit that immensely frustrating "Back" button (not the browser back button) which tends to take you "back" to a place I rarely seem to need to go "back" to. How about "Lines list" and "Extensions list" instead of "Back"?

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