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Thread: VOIP/GSM Gateway

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    I'm looking for a voip/GSM gateway compatible with the Quadros. Did
    someone have experience with the 2N Voiceblue Lite (

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    The followingGSM/CDMA gateways Quadro.

    1. Evrotech Communications. Winner GSM Singal Channel Gateway d2&prodtbl=020000

    2. CDMA GW - Huawei ETS 1000; Huawei ETS 1001;

    I have no idea if 2N Voiceblue Lite is tested with Quadro or not but their WEB claims that it is compatible with Quadro IP PBX. I beleive that it is true because if that gateway supports standard SIP then it should work with Quadro.

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    Check QuesCom 300 and 400 IP/GSM. I'm working with a Q400 very well. or in Latin AmericaEdited by: hupfeld

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