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Thread: 3 Lines and 3 phones with schedule

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    Default 3 Lines and 3 phones with schedule

    Hi all!

    Well we have a special installation with a Quadro with 4 FXS and 4 FXO.

    The issue is that they have 3 lines, and want that the line1 goes to phone1, line2 goes to phone2, etc. Well this is ok.

    When a person call and the phone1 is talking the call has to be forwarded to the voicemail of the phone 1, ok no problem with these either.

    The problem starts because of they want to have an scheduler when you calls on time the call pass to the phone who has called but if you call out of time should answer the call and hear a message saying "The schedule of the our office is the ...."

    Well, We have configured 3 extensions with their voicemail, the schedule but the only way we found is changing the welcome message to the voicemail for the messages of out of time.

    At this time if the phone1 is talking and the calls is forwarded to the voicemail hears the same message if he call on time or out of time.

    Other thing is they want also enable and disable the schedule with a dtmf sequence.

    Well we think to create 3 extensions more, and really all the incoming call goes to these new extension, this extension look if you are callling between 9 and 14hrs if yes, send the call to the extension 11, if not the call goes to other extension that has an unconditional forward to the voicemail with the welcome message changed for "You have to call between 9 and 14 hrs... bla bla"

    But with this idea, Can we enabled a code to enable or disable the schedule?

    Or Does exists other way to do this easilier?

    Thanks for all.


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    Hi there,

    This is achieveable if i am reading you correctly.

    You want to be able to send the callers during business hours to the telephones but outside of business hours you want the call to go to a single greeting that says "You have called our office outside of business hours - if you would like to leave a message please do so after the tone" ?

    If thats the scenario it is very achievable ...

    You need to add the following rules in Call Routing

    I used digits that we do not use in Australia and created 2 rules - 222

    My first call route ( created under telephony---->call routing---->call routing table) has an entry with the following :

    222, remove 3 digits, replace with 00 so the Day auto attendant plays ( this is where you can use your extension number for the MERg ) and called it in the description DAY mode. This is where you need to enter ENABLER KEY and DISABLER KEY Codes ... for simplicity i use 000 and 001

    Make sure that you check Filter on Caller / Call Type / Modify Caller ID

    I then create another route with the following.

    222, remove 3 digits, replace with 10 so the Night auto attendant plays ( this is where you can use your extension number for the MERg ) and called it in the description NIGHT mode.

    10 = NIGHT message that directs the caller to the voice mail of my main night telephone after playing the Outside of business hours message that is within the Auto Attendant of 11.

    From any of the IP telephones dial *77 then dial 000 or 001 and the Hatch/Pound "#" key to enable disable.

    You caould also take a look at another thread on making it easier to use...

    If I have understood your post correctly that should achieve what you are trying to do.



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