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    I have activated on my Quadro2X (4_1_33) the DHCP server only for a specific mac address list.
    It's all working but if I look at "View DHCP Leases" from DHCP Settings, the table is empty...


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    First of all, upgrade your Quadro to the latest 4.1.52 firmware, that can be downloaded from our website.
    It is quite normal that the "DHCP leases" table is empty, because by adding a device into the "Special devices" table you are specifying the MAC address of that device and defining a Static IP address for it as well, so it is already shown in that table. Meanwhile, in the "DHCP leases" table you can see only the devices' dynamic leases given by Quadro DHCP Server.

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    BTW, if you've enabled "Give leases only to hosts listed in the Special devices table" option, then there is no any chance that you'll have a record in the "DHCP leases" table

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