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Thread: Config files for Cisco 7960

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    Default Config files for Cisco 7960

    Hi Aram,

    Would it be possible to take a peek at some example config files that the Quadro generates to provision a Cisco 7960? That may help me put together the correct entries for a 7945 (even though the 7945 firmware uses XML files instead of .cnf).

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    sure it is possible. I'll attach here one template and one ready config file generated by Quadro.

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    Here they are
    Attached Files Attached Files

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    Thanks! I'm trying to get in touch with those users who reported successfully configuring a 7970 with the Quadro...if that works, a 7945 should work too as they use similar firmware and config files. These Ciscos are a PITA to configure!!!

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    Yes, there are several users here in our Forum that configured 7970 successfully. If you'll find out some details regarding 7945 configuration, then please port them here too. It will be usefull for other Forum members too.
    Agree, that Cisco phones are hard to configure. Personally I like Snom phones

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    Default Eureka!

    I got it working. Have both lines provisioned, one going to my external VoIP line, the other to my PSTN line on the FXO port. MAN that was a PAIN. The SEP<mac>.cnf.xml file is VERY picky. And sometimes it will not register a change you made, but the phone seems to use cached values. So then you do a power cycle boot, and find out that a few changes back it stopped you have to try-and-error your way back to a working config or start over with a saved one. PITA!

    Anyway, I don't have the time working correctly yet, this firmware only seems to pick up NTP from Call Manager. Leaving the NTP blank also doesn't make it grab from the SIP headers.

    I'll tinker some more with it, and once I reach a plateau, I'll post my config files along with the procedure. If anyone has ony questions, feel free to PM me.

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    Good job and congratulations !!! We'll wait for final results and configuration procedure.

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    I'm in the midst of configuring a 7975 phone, will let you know how things go.

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    Hi Satoshi, probably you've missed this thread (How-To guide for Cisco 7945/7965/7970/7975/7941/7961 ), posted by mobidutch. If your experience is different for Cisco 7975, then please post the configuration procedure for that phone under that thread. Thanks in advance.

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