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Thread: Use built-in TFTP server to provision "Other" phones

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    Default Use built-in TFTP server to provision "Other" phones

    I would like to see the possibility of reserving some amount of memory space for uploading IP phone configuration files to the Quadro, and use the built-in TFTP server to provision IP phones of type "Other".

    I read this post indicating that Epygi wants to "control" these config files, but quite frankly, other than a limitation on reserved memory space I would prefer to have that control myself .

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    I can't understand the meaning of this post. The thread you are pointing was opened almost 2 years ago, so the comments there are outdated. There is no memory space issue with storing config files, we just do not allow users to use Quadro bult-in TFTP server for uploading config templates other than our Supported/tested phones' templates.

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    I was pointing to an old post to indicate that - as the forum rules request - I searched for the topic before posting. And the meaning of the post was to submit a feature this not the correct forum for that?

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    The place is correct Maybe the request was not well-represented ... I understand this as "memory space reserving" request, that's why replied that there is no memory issue here. I guess, you wanted to "be able to use Quadro TFTP server for uploading and using custom templates files for phone models "Other"". I've already replied to this question in other thread and explained that actually there is such possibility implemented as a Quadro's hidden page, but it is not for wide use, becuase you need to follow the Epygi standards and it is not so easy for most users.

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