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Thread: One way Silence calls on SIP calls to Quadro

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    Default One way Silence calls on SIP calls to Quadro

    I have a setup with 3 Quadros 2X in 3 different offices, in main office I have the Quadro connected as follows:

    Quadro FXS1-> Ericsson PBX as external PSTN Line
    Quadro FXS2-> Ericsson PBX as external PSTN Line
    Quadro FXO -> Ericsson PBX as internal extension
    Quadro WAN -> ADSL modem, and Real IP assigned as static to Quadro

    One of our use cases is establishing VOIP trunks between offices implemented in each site on call routing table accessed by the auto attendant which is working fine, also dialing sip external sip numbers on the internet registered under gizmo service from Quadro call routing table which is also working fine.

    One of our important use cases is to access the Quadro sip number from external sip clients registered also on gizmo(or other) service(s) , and we are facing silence calls when calling the extension 00(auto attendant) and 11(FXS1), we made LAN-trace and found that the call is established and the remote sip client start sending RTP UDP packets while the Quadro is not sending any thing until the call is ended the Quadro respond to the BYE message with appropriate SIP message(s), so the RTP packets from Quadro is missing. the strange is that we are able to establish a successful call on the extension 12(FXS2) that supposed to have the exact same configuration as 11(FXS1), also compared the Line_1 and Line_2 configurations found the same.

    Can some body help analyze my problem??

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    Please turn to Epygi Technical Support with this question, as we need some drawings/logs/captures to fully understand your scenario and investigate the problem. You can submit a TSS ticket from our WEB, using "Channel Portal Login" if you are an Epygi Distributor/Reseller. If you are an End-User, then ask you Distributor/Reseller to open a TSS ticket on behalf of your name.

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    Dear aramk;

    I thought that this forum representing epygi support, what will happen if I bought this product from a friend or some where in the net? how would it be possible for me to open a TSS without a Distributor/reseller ??

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    I'll ask our management to answer to your questions. In case if you have no Distributor, maybe they'll decide to work directly with End-User.

    This forum is not a full replacment for Epygi Support, but rather the place where Quadro users can share their knowledge and experience with each other, also post a feedbacks/suggestions about Epygi products. Of course, you can have also Epygi help here, but your case is too complex to be investigated by Epygi through this forum, that's why I suggested to open a TSS ticket.
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    I see there is a ticket submited by Iyad (which is probably your Distributor) regarding your setup in our TSS with Quadro logs and captures attached. Our guys will examine the situation and will back with suggestions.

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    Default End-user Support

    Hi wbsoul,
    Aram is correct in that Epygi's Sales and Support to end-users is provided through our Channel Partners. There should be a knowledgable Distributor or Reseller in your country that could work directly with you. They should be able to offer support to suit your needs.

    If you have been unsuccessful in finding a suitable contact please let me know directly.


    Andy White
    Technical Suport Director

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    is there any news regarding this problem ? Our TSS guys answered to the ticket submited by your Distributor, but we still have no replay from his side. I'll describe the problem, that we found during the investigation. In both captures we saw the same problem - the Quadro does not receive ACK sip message from the remote side in reply to Quadro's 200 OK message. According to the captures, both calls are unsuccessful (even through the ext12 has 2-way rtp) and you need to find out why the ACK message does not reach the Quadro. The SIP messaging passes through 3 IP addresses (,, and you have to check network configuration and see where the ACK message get lost. Hope, this will help to solve your problem.

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