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Thread: DHCP server not working

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    Default DHCP server not working

    In epygi 4x though dhcp server is enabled, its not able to lease a IP.
    can any one help me out plz

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    Please check first the DHCP server actual status from the "System -> Status -> Network Status" page. Then we'll start the investigation according to the DHCP state.

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    Default dhcp -stopped


    Status NTP Server Running
    NTP Client Running
    DHCP Server Stopped
    DHCP Client Stopped
    DNS Running
    Firewall Disabled
    NAT Running
    PPP Stopped
    Though it is enabled at "DHCP settings for lan interface", ...its not running
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    I sent an e-mail to you and requested Quadro's systemlogs to start an investigation. Lets continue this via e-mail.

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    ok thank you

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