Hi there,

I have found a need for being able to broadcast a voicemail to many voicemail boxes.

An example of its use would be the following:

Caller rings to the epygi and is met with an auto attendant stating dial 1 for sales , 2 for service 3 for administration or hold for the first available operator.

Ok so they dial 1 for sales.

Sales comprises 4 telephones - 3 of which are sales representatives and 1 x sales supervisor.

When the caller dials 1 they are sent to a MERg where all telephones ring. After a timeout the caller is presented with an auto attendant to say if you wish to leave a voice mail message press 1 now or hold for the first available sales representative. If they dont dial anything the call is resent to the MERg.

If they dial 1 it would be great if the following conditions were performed.

1./ Everyone is notified that the caller left a voice mail message.

2./ The notification for the voice mail was different to the normal personal voice mail notification. ie Group Voice Mail Box light as per other competitors products.

3./ The supervisor is given stats for the group in regards to the callers. ie missed calls, how long in queue etc...