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Thread: RTP multicast paging

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    Smile RTP multicast paging

    It'd be great to see the system support RTP multicast paging, for phones like Snom that support it (it may only support it in version 7 of their firmware, I'm not sure) that way we could page with a large group of phones without sending a separate audio stream to each, which can bog down and go very poorly with a large number of phones.



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    Im not sure where you are in the world... but in Australia we are using Cyberdata Paging systems.... ( Epygi might develop a device later but )

    IP POE Speakers etc... all work from a call to an IP PA system... works well...



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    I guess the mean idea of this request was to send a muticast RTP rather than separate RTP streams to each paging device. It makes a perfect sense and Epygi is going to implement that in one of the 5.0 maintenance releases. Probably we will add a new type of "paging extension" which is configured with some multicast IP address. Any call to that extension will send the voice stream from calling phone to the configured multicast IP address.

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    To be honest I believe that the Cyberdata device allows for multiple streams so you could address different zones as needed. There Fore reduce the over head for the telephone system and just send the sip info to 1 device and let it send the traffic to the paging speakers...

    Ask Greg Round - Alloy Computer Products in Australia for more details.


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