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Thread: Quadro using 20 meg a day data with no calls

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    Russell, having 20meg traffic is not normal and you are not obligated to live with that. What I want is to help you to find the source of the traffic and get rid of it.

    There is no need to reboot Quadro after STUN status changes, as well as after other configuration changes. If there will be a need for reboot, you'll receive a notification. If you've configured your NAT device correctly and forwarded all the SIP/RTP ports to the Quadro correctly, then sure there is no need for STUN to be enabled on Quadro, but you need to use Manual NAT Traversal.

    Can you send me a new logs for examination with STUN off ?
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    Default Stun

    will do, i'll turn stun off and get logs and also with stun on

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    The problem was mainly caused by one of IP-Phones located in Quadro LAN, sending 2 NTP requests per second. Probably it was configured manually. Also STUN activity was producing some traffic.

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