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Thread: Quadro using 20 meg a day data with no calls

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    Sounds like Asterisk trunking the keep alive from and to the ITSP to check whether or not a routed call can be established.

    Russell are you sure it wasnt prevalent before, or does the ITSP mask the conversation between you and them? Maybe they are doing that and it has never been an issue till now when you try and do it from one Broadband supplier to another.

    Ie.. same provider to you might be free, but you to another provider and it is chargeable / cuts into your bandwidth allocation.

    Either way, there has to be a conversation to ensure that the call route is establishable.



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    Quote Originally Posted by KSComs View Post

    Sounds like Asterisk trunking the keep alive from and to the ITSP to check whether or not a routed call can be established.

    But the connection is between the remote Quadro and our main office Switchvox server. All other ISTP trunks are fine ... only the asterisk trunk thats doing it. The Asterisk SIP time I believe is the standard 60 seconds so strange that it is continuous

    I have set this up as a PEER in sterisk , I have yet to try it as a Provider rather than peer, will see if that makes any difference

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    Guys, everything you've said here is only guesses. I've suggested to do a network capture in my last comment to determine what kind of traffic is there and who is the originator. It is much more easy than experiment with different setups or blindly change some settings on the devices.

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    I dont have the facility to do a network capture

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    You can download and install the Ethereal - a free network packets analyzer ( on some PC/notebook and place ir between Quadro and Asterisk to do a network capture.
    You can also use Quadro embedded capture tool, that is placed in hidden page and can be accessed by "http://Your_Quadro_IP/netcapture.cgi" page. Select "WAN interface" and "Capture All Packets" option and start capture. Then stop the capture and download the capture file. At the end remove the capture to free up your Quadro's memory.

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    Default Constant traffic

    OK did the capture ... seems to be a constant NTP stream ?

    Screen shot attached

    Also I had an entry

    Source: x.x.x.x "the Quadro"
    Type: SIP
    info: request: register

    I dont use so why would the Quadro be trying ti register ??
    Attached Images Attached Images

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    In the picture I can determine the IP Address of Epygi Mail Server. It is very strange, because by default we don't put any mail address in Quadro settings. Could you please go to "System -> Mail Settings" and see what is configured there ?
    Regarding - is there any account registered on your Quadro, or some PC in Quadro LAN side, that can produce that traffic ?
    Also, could you please send the systemlogs from your Quadro to me ? I'll send my e-mail address via PM. It will be good to look at the logs, maybe I'll find other problems too. Quadro logs can be downloaded from "System -> Diagnostics -> Show System Logs -> System Logs Settings" page by pressing "Download all logs" button. First check the "Enable Developer Logging" option, then wait for some minutes (10-20 min, to be sure that the traffic will present in the logs) and then download the system logs.

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    Mail ? I thought it looked like a lot of NTP activity (time server)

    I'll email the logs

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    Russell, the matter here is that Epygi STUN server is also placed on the same machine as Epygi Mail Server. In the logs sent by you I can see a lot of STUN activity that can produce such traffic as you have currently in your network. It is not traffic between Quadro and Asterisk. In the first comment I warned you that such traffic can be produced by STUN and you've stated that you've disabled STUN on Quadro, but I can see in the logs that it isn't. More, if you'll disable STUN, you probabaly can't make any SIP calls from Quadro, because Quadro STUN detected Port Restricted NAT and Blocked UDP sometimes in your network. Please go to "Telephony -> NAT Traversal Settings -> General Settings" page and set the NAT Traversal state to "Disable", then see is the traffic continues.
    Last edited by aramk; 03-12-2008 at 05:58 AM.

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    Default Port Restricted NAT and Blocked UDP

    I have forwarded all SIP and UDP ports to the Quadro unit ? should that not mean I don't need stun ?

    I had previously turned stun off to see if it made any difference , it did not so I tuned it back on. (this was without a reboot)

    What I had not been doing (not sure if needed) was rebooting the Quadro after making such stun changes etc.

    I turned STUN back off , rebooted and as you said I could no longer make calls. (this did not occur last time when I turned stun off but did not reboot)

    I am a little confused .. I thought that if you port forwarded all the correct ports on the router to the Quadro then you did not need STUN ?

    The traffic was not present for a few min after reboot but then it started again. I can live with 20meg a day data traffic BUT would like to know if it's necessary or needed.

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