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Thread: Call routing: SIP versus IP-PSTN "Call type"?

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    Default Call routing: SIP versus IP-PSTN "Call type"?

    When setting up an outbound rule in call routing, when would you use the call type IP-PSTN versus using SIP?

    I am using BroadVoice, which simply gives me a SIP server name, so I used SIP. Seems to work fine. But what would IP-PSTN do for me?

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    In Call Routing wizard "SIP" call type is used when you are calling to the phone, that is registered on some pure SIP-server, let's say on, without any further PSTN proceeding. Long time ago there were some big differences between SIP and IP-PSTN call types, but now the only differences are the "Multiple Login" checkbox in IP-PSTN call type and the "SIP Privacy" option in the SIP call type wizards. There was an internal discussion in Epygi to remove one of them - maybe we'll do so in future. Currently we leave it for the users, to distinguish the SIP entries from the IP-PSTN entries that are usually created by VoIP wizard, that's all.

    BTW, I suggest you to configure ITSP accounts on Quadro using "Telephony -> VoIP Carrier Wizard". By passing this wizard you can:

    1. Configure a routing rule for calling to ITSP,
    2. Create a virtual extension with ITSP registration (to receive a calls from ITSP) and
    3. Configure forwarding on that extension to the phone on which you want to receive
    the calls from ITSP

    at once. Also Quadro will put a security restriction (filter) on the routing rule, so it could be used only by Quadro external phones, so it will not be possible to abuse your ITSP account from external sources. You can find the corresponding document ("Preventing Unauthorized Calls on the Quadro") in our WEB, uner Channel Portal Login.
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