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Thread: Inbound call routing ISDN 2xi

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    Default Inbound call routing ISDN 2xi

    Hi I have had trouble getting the simple "nightwatch" routing rule to work. I cannot get calls to route to voice mail after hours. I have followed the guides referred to on the forum. I have created inboung call routing rules with time & day constraints. However I simply cannot get the desired result. I need assistance please? Thank you Brad.

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    Hi Brad, actually that setup is not so difficult. Could you please explain your required setup and copy here the routing rules that you've created ?

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    Default Office hour requirements

    Hi aramk: This is what is needed:
    1) Ordinary office hours 07:30 to 17:00 - calls routed to Snom 360 Ext 13 reception
    2) Lunch time 12:00 to 13:00 - calls to VM saying something along the lines: "We are closed for lunch, please leave a message & we will call you back at 13:00"
    3) After hours 17:01 to 07:29 - calls to VM for after hours.

    Callrouting.zipThanks in advance. I have also been working on the problem with EvenFlow distribution in South Africa. the logs have been saved & sent to Epygi. I am not sure of the ticket number - I can check on Monday with EvenFlow.

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    Hi Brad, if EvenFlow has opened a ticked in our TSS, then our guys will send you detailed instructions on how to configure your desired setup. No need to work on the same problem with two fronts. Just one comment from my side - the patterns of both routing rules must be the same, otherwise the date/time filter will not work. If you'll tell me the ticket number, then I can check the progress of that ticket and inform you about that.

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    Here is the ticket number - 10502
    I have downloaded more logs & emailed them. Thank you. Brad

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    Probably Lionel doesn't attched the new logs yet, but here is the tip for you. Please in the ISDN trunk settings for "Route Incoming Call to" field put "Routing with inbound destination number" option.

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    Hi Artak
    I have had no further luck regarding the call routing. I have followed your instructions & used the settings to route to call routing instead of to an extension in the ISDN settings. However the call flow goes directly to AA it is bizarre? Lionel has also remotely configured the unit, I have even reset it to factory default & then configured the call routes. The result is the same - no matter what extension I set the call routing to it goes to AA. Please help me. Thanks Brad

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    Hi Brad, I'm not Artak, I'm Aram Your problem is under investigation in our TSS and you'll get a feedback from them via Lionel.

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    Sorry for that! I will follow it up with Lionel. Thanks Brad

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    Guys we are supposed to be helping each other out here. No one can reference any sort of solution here.

    There is a schedule option in call routing which works great!

    07:30 to 17:00 - calls routed to Snom 360 Ext 13 reception
    12:00 to 13:00 - Divert to an alternate extension "We are closed for lunch, please leave a message & we will call you back at 13:00"
    After hours 17:01 to 07:29 - calls to VM for after hours.

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