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Thread: grandstream budgettone 102

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    Hi I have a budget tone 102 and if its connected to a quador
    fxo and if I plug a snom phone in there i can use the # to transfer a call it
    will work, but when i plug a grand steam budget tone 102 phone in there it doesn’t
    really work?

    Does anyone have any suggestions?

    either post it here or email me that would be cool!


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    i use the budget tone and have it plugged to the LAN and it is functioning quite nice as an IP Phone. accessing the web admin on the budget tone, i configure the SIP server to use the Quadro. user and password need to be configured on both the Quadro and budget tone so that the phone will be registered.

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    hi Etolentino, I made the quadro give out dhcp so it can now receive an ip address ( ip phone ) as before it didnt want to register with the budget tone. As i had the epygi on a static ip and the budget tone on the same static network.

    So now that works fine as i can make calls and receive calls but wheni want to transfer calls it doesnt seem to want to work. I will see if there are any other setting to register that budget tone with the quadro.


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