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Thread: How to access a file server from the LAN side

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    Default How to access a file server from the LAN side

    Hi all,

    * Quadro located in the LAN (WAN port attached to LAN switch)
    * File server located in the LAN (attached to LAN switch)
    * IP phones (snom300) located in the Quadro-LAN
    * Quadro NAT=on, Firewall=off
    * User Notebook attached on the 2nd LAN port of the snom300 IP phone

    User wants to "work" on the file server (...)

    What Quadro config. settings are needed to work transparently from
    Quadro-LAN side accessing any LAN resources (pass though the data
    traffic Quadro LAN <--> Quadro WAN) ?

    Thanks for any support!


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    In default configuration Quadro is trasparent for FTP, but there is a blocking rule for "MS File Sharing", that you can disable from Quadro login "Internet Uplink -> Filtering Rule -> Outgoing Traffic" page.

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    Thanks - I already tried that but it doesn't work, ...

    BR, Max

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    Max, then it is connected to your network setup. If you'll send your network diagram to me and explain your requirements, I'll try to help you. Use "send a message via e-mail to aramk" link in my profile.

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