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You can use Quadro DND feature (*72). If DND is enabled on the phone then it will not take any calls even if it is included into MER or hunt group. Pressing *72 again on the phone you'll disable DND and it will start receiving calls. You need also set the "Expire Timeout" for DND to "Never" on each extension.
When DND will be enabled on all the phones in MER or Hunt Group, you can redirct the calls using Busy/No answer Forwarding.
Hi Aram,

The info you have posted there will also make the telephone extension unavailable for normal internal or even direct incoming calls to.... so that wouldnt be a good thing if they wanted to receive normal calls but didnt want to receive calls from the MERg...

So its an enable disable ringing for the extension that is in the MERg is what Russell and a lot of other people would be after if at all possible.