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Thread: Call Que Log in / out

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    Quote Originally Posted by aramk View Post
    You can use Quadro DND feature (*72). If DND is enabled on the phone then it will not take any calls even if it is included into MER or hunt group. Pressing *72 again on the phone you'll disable DND and it will start receiving calls. You need also set the "Expire Timeout" for DND to "Never" on each extension.
    When DND will be enabled on all the phones in MER or Hunt Group, you can redirct the calls using Busy/No answer Forwarding.
    Hi Aram,

    The info you have posted there will also make the telephone extension unavailable for normal internal or even direct incoming calls to.... so that wouldnt be a good thing if they wanted to receive normal calls but didnt want to receive calls from the MERg...

    So its an enable disable ringing for the extension that is in the MERg is what Russell and a lot of other people would be after if at all possible.



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    Ok, I understood. I'll discuss this with our management/development to see if this can be implemented.

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    Default Log in/out

    More info:

    Normally on our Switchvox (Asterisk) server it works in 2 ways but the most powerful and flexible that allows for better call routing etc is:

    1) You dial the Agent Code lets say 420

    2) You hear a message "Agent log in, pls enter your extension number"

    3) after you enter the extension you want to log in you hear "Please enter extension password"

    4) you then hear "Agent logged in"

    to log out you dial another code i.e 421 and go the the same as above to log out

    The reason this works MUCH better than just dialing a code and the server only logs in/out the actual extension you are dialing from (like say call forwarding) is that with the above method you can choose to log in a virtual extension and create very powerful cal routing by logging in and out virtual extensions, or even real extensions that have call forwarding active etc.

    Also means you can dial in and log in an extension for a remote extension on another PABX as long as you know it's extension password.

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    Thanks, I find it much flexible than what we have on Quadro now.

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    Default Que log in

    Quote Originally Posted by aramk View Post
    Thanks, I find it much flexible than what we have on Quadro now.
    Any word if this feature might find it's way into a future release. We find our test Epygi ok , but without allowing home office users to log onto call queues we have to look at other systems like the Asterisk Applicance.

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    Epygi is working currently on adding the ACD functionality to Quadro box. The feature is planned for 5.1 firmware release scheduled for Q3, 2008. ACD will provide a graceful solution to above mentioned request and many other features including agent skills' based routing of inbound calls, agent login, barge-in and many others.

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    Fantastic , can't wait


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    WILL UCD be part of the ACD introduction or something that will be planned ?

    Any Sales oriented company that I have dealt with, prefers UCD over ACD due to the statistics that it offers.

    Will the AGENT log in have a feature KEY that lights to display which MERg the person is currently in?

    Will there be monitoring of the MERg so as to know which MERg has been rung and will allow you to identify by sight how to answer the call.

    Will remote capability be the same for someone as an agent that is outside of the Lan ie remote Telephone or another Epygi Quadro ?

    With ACD - will there be an easy to display call statistics for the MERg that a supervisor can look at?
    ie How many calls in an hour, day or week etc in other words a screen so that the Supervisor can log into the MERg extension and ONLY see those statistics for that MERg.

    Will there be a Supervisor screen to say who is logged into the MERg ?



    BTW - great work with the latest 6L firmware, it allows faxing into and out of the Quadro - Yeeeh !!! The prior version doesnt- it only allows for incoming - or so I have found.

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    From formal standpoint what we are developing is more UCD than ACD. We are working currently on back-end features. The user interface feature set that have to run on top of back-end are not finalized yet. Suggestions in that regard are welcomed.

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