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Thread: Quadro 2X share 2 ADSL modems

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    Default Quadro 2X share 2 ADSL modems

    I do have one question if anyone has any hints: I want to share the load of
    calls between 2 ADSL modems ... is there a way to say have all incoming
    and outgoing VOIP calls to DID providers go via one ADSL connection BUT
    have all remote extensions and calls to remote extensions & other 2X units (other offices)
    go via a 2nd ADSL connection ?

    I have tried and although the remote extension does make contact with
    the PABX via the 2nd connection once the call established it is via the 1st
    connection as thats what the pabx has as the gateway

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    You can configure only one gateway on the Quadro and all the calls will go through the ADSL modem configured on Quadro. There is no way to share the call-load between 2 ADSL modems.

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    You could get around this, by using site to site VPN, have one router for internet for incoming and outgoing calls, have 2nd router for site to site vpn to the remote extensions,

    add a route to the Qaudro to vpn traffic goes to router with vpn tunnell

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    you really mean ADSL modem ?
    It seems impossible as the Quadro can only have one PPPoE session.
    But if you have 2 ADSL routers, you can probably work something out, using some static routes pointing to the second one (to reach remote Quadros).

    But it's a guess, as I received my first Quadro today


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    Just doing a quick search from Netgear and they have a dual wan interface and support VPNs etc... that would give you the redundancy that you are asking for.



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    Using dual wan interface you can share the load of outgoing traffic only, but not the incoming traffic. It is tested in our lab and the results aren't satisfactory and our answer still the same - there is no any mechanism to fully share the traffic load using 2 ADSL modems.

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